Own a Studio

Franchisee Process

Online meet and greet with the Vaura team. Here, we will run you through our selection process and answer any of your questions. At the conclusion of the call, you will be sent an application form for completion.

The Vaura team will review your application and respond within 14 days. NDA sent.

This is where the fun starts. Upon reviewing your application and establishing a positive alignment, we will run you through the financial modelling and answer all your questions. At the same time, we will show you our newest studio (we can do this in person or virtually for interstate or international applicants.

The franchise disclosure document is sent and due diligence is completed.

This is the final step in our process. Your opportunity to talk directly with the team and ask any final questions.

The franchise agreement is signed and the induction process begins. Receive access to our online induction courses and be introduced to our head of training, construction team, and franchise support.

Franchise Inquiry Form