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A place where your workout doesn’t feel like hard work; VAURA is a transformative experience that goes beyond physical exercise. Our studio is a space for total-body conditioning, where each exercise is designed to energise every fiber of your being.

Fusing the precision of reformer pilates with the dynamic power of athletic training. We created an electrifying class that defies the ordinary. Our innovative approach challenges conventional fitness norms, pushes boundaries and redefines outdated perspectives of pilates.

VAURA is more than just a place to sweat; it’s a space to awaken your untapped potential. With carefully curated classes, neon lights, upbeat music and all round good vibes – you’ll walk out the doors feeling more energised than when you entered.

A place where you can switch off, zone out and awaken within. This is more than just a workout, this is VAURA.

Never been to Vaura before?

Joining a new studio for the first time can be a bit daunting, but taking the first leap is always the hardest part. Trust us, you won’t regret it! Pilates is a great way to improve your strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Our studio is here to support you every step of the way, from your very first class to mastering advanced moves. We can’t wait to have you join our community!


Our Team

VAURA comprises a team of leading expert pilates trainers committed to delivering a world-leading fitness experience.

We’ve meticulously selected our trainers for their ability to infuse every workout with unwavering enthusiasm and 100% dedication, ensuring an unparalleled fitness journey for our clients!

Our Classes


Our signature all-in-one class, TOTAL combines strength, endurance and stretch in a full-body conditioning workout for every level. Get ready to meet your best with the ultimate group fitness experience. Our trainers will always provide beginner, intermediate and advanced options, so all experiences are welcome.


Flexibility and control are at the core of STRETCH. Drawing from pilates and yoga, our deep stretch poses will improve your mobility and flexibility out of sight. The bonus is that they also build strength, help prevent injury and reduce stress. For all levels, you’ll finish each class walking taller and feeling stronger and calmer.


FUSION offers a 50/50 split class where you spend half the time on the reformer and half of it off. The floor-based, functional movements you’ll do while not on the reformer allow for the use of heavier weights and moving at a faster pace so that you can revel in the benefits that come from this! Step up with this combination class for a full- body, strength and conditioning workout.


Circuit consists of 12 to 16 rounds at various stations, blending strength, HIIT, and stability training. Participants engage in high-energy, calorie-burning exercises with 90 seconds at each station. This class targets every muscle group and boosts metabolism for maximum results.


Designed for moms-to-be, new moms, or those returning to exercise. NURTURE is a slower-paced class with an array of modifications so you can tailor your workout to your body - no matter what stage you’re at. Our caring instructors will guide you through every movement with a focus on safety and comfort. Our priority is the health and wellness of both you and your baby.