Someone has joined the 1500 class club

Someone has joined the 1500 class club

Introducing Lyn Stanford to club 1500


Impressed is an understatement! Lyn has been training at our Brookvale studio and reached the 1500 class goal today. We are so incredibly proud of Lyn and everything she has achieved and wanted to celebrate the milestone by sitting down with her and finding out what she loves most about Vive.


Why Vive? What keeps you coming back?

If you know you know! The studio draws me back in every day. It makes me feel like a warrior, it’s so empowering!



Do you have a favourite exercise? Why?

Ooh, that’s a hard question. I love them all but my absolute fav is box obliques, that killer oblique burn is the best!



What’s the highest number of classes you’ve smashed out in a single day?

6! Ridiculous I know! It was a DB vs BV challenge & my goal was to do 100 classes in 30 days. I had to squeeze them in somehow! Brookvale had to win that trophy… Not that we are a competitive bunch!



Do you have a new goal in sight?

To be a lifelong Viver!



What would you tell those who are curious to try reformer pilates class at Vive?

Treat yourself to an experience you won’t regret, it’s an amazing addiction.



How does Vive differ from other studios/ gyms you’ve been to before?

The studio has such a tribe vibe, I love that feeling of being amongst amazing people.