February marked the beginning of a month-long journey where eighty Vivers took on our RISE UP Challenge to complete 20 classes in 30 days. This was our first ever challenge across both studios with two new teams: Team White (North) versus Team Black (East).

If we were worried that we were setting the bar too high at 20 classes, we shouldn’t have been. As a group, our Challengers well and truly smashed the task we laid down, completing almost 30 classes in 30 days as an average.

Those who took part forged bonds, beat their personal bests and gained new strength with every class they completed.

Huge thanks to all our Challengers. You powered through every squat, plank and sideline we threw at you and made it through stronger and healthier. Major congrats for your incredible efforts both in the studio and as a part of your teams!

Team North was victorious, winning by 12 points. Special mentions must go also to our top individual performers:

Top 3 point scorers in Brookvale

1. Lyn Stanford – 100 classes

2. Nic Glasewski – 66 classes

3. Taff Walsh – 58 classes

Top 3 point scorers in Double Bay 

1. Itzel Fox – 56 classes

2. Chrissy Steinmetz – 45 classes

3. Alice Nogues – 43 classes

When the Challenge was over, both teams celebrated at the InterContinental at Double Bay where the coveted RISE UP Trophy was awarded to Team North, headed by Sarah and Yvette.

Vive would like to give extra special thanks to the many supporters who made our gift bags possible in particular: Naked Wine, JS Health, Sparkling White Smile, Blue Dinosaur Bars and Bondi Boost.

And for those of you who have a new-found addiction to almost daily Vive workouts, feel free to email dominique.hardy@viveactive.com.au and she is more than happy to set you up with a pack or membership that gives you extra classes and flexibility.

Well done and congratulations Challengers!